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TEL 914-235-1585 64 DRAKE AVENUE NEW ROCHELLE NY 10805 FAX 914-235-7123 S H E E T S DIFFERENT TYPES OF FILM 140 K CELLOPHANE Saran coated. Heat Sealable. Can be used under infra-red lamps or steam tables. Good for sandwich wraps and many other purposes. 250 K CELLOPHANE Saran coated. Heat Sealable. Same applications as 140K Cellophane but have a higher yield. ALUPHANE Low barrier films ideal for produce packaging and twist wrap applications. Good dead fold properties. Good low temperature properties. PERFORATED FILM For covering pint baskets of blueberries or fruit that needs circulation.CellophanePolypropyleneor ALUphane LIGHT POLYPROPYLENE Heat sealable polypropylene. Good for interleaving purposes or covering fruit and vegetable baskets. .0007-.0008 ga MEDIUM POLYPROPYLENE Heat sealable polypropylene film. For best results use sealers at 220-250 degrees F. Good sandwich wrap or freezer film. .0009-.001 ga HEAVY POLYPROPYLENE Heat sealable heavy weight sandwich wrap. .0012-.0014 ga 300 SA Cellophane substitute. Heat Sealable Medium and Low temperature applications 0F - 200F. Good dead fold Barrier properties. Slight haze.